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The Importance of Social Media in Recruiting


I have heard that I really need to focus on social media when I am recruiting for employees.  Is that really the case?  I don’t personally know anyone who has been recruited for a job through a social media site and find it hard to believe.


According to a presentation conducted by Rachelle Falls at the Ohio SHRM conference (Fall 2015), the recruiting statistics for Social Media continue to rise.  According to Ms. Falls, 80% of people are being recruited through LinkedIn, 50% on Facebook, and 45% Twitter. Instagram is up and coming quickly as well.  A 2014 Social Recruiting Survey ( agrees, stating in their report that 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through a social media connection.

In order to capture those hard to get candidates, it is essential that you make social media a significant part of your recruitment process.  Without it, you could be missing the ‘perfect candidate’.

Recruitment is more than just placing an ad in the newspaper. It takes a targeted message using the right sources and lots of follow up. It can be expensive when not well thought-out, but when done correctly doesn’t have to break the budget. Strategic HR, inc. knows what it takes to attract, hire and retain the best employees.