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Requirements for Labor Law Posters for Remote Employees


We have remote employees that work from home offices.  How do we comply with labor law posters requirements for these employees?


The simplest and safest answer is to mail hard copies of any applicable labor law posters to the remote employees and let them do what they like with the posters at their home office. Since you have employees in multiple states, you should send each employee the required federal posters, plus any applicable to the state in which they work.  The Department of Labor has a great online wizard to assess what posters you may need both federally and state.  Just visit the FirstStep Poster Advisor and click on the “Begin FirstStep Poster Advisor Now” button and respond according to your business.

Alternatively, some more risk tolerant employers may also provide these required notices and labor law posters on a company website or intranet that employees can access. However, this is not necessarily compliant with a very literal reading of the regulations. Essentially, many of these laws were written decades before the internet.

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