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Recruitment and Social Media


What role does HR need to take if social media is going to be the future of recruiting and network building?


HR must take a very active role. Social media is about creating and maintaining relationships; it’s a two-way communication tool. Using social media to recruit takes more than posting your job opening on a social media site and waiting for the applicants to come in. If you want to simply recruit on the Internet there is a plethera of large, small and niche job boards that will allow you to do just that. These are bulletin board sites where your job goes up for others to read and respond to – an electronic classified section if you will. But if you want to use social media, interactive sites like FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it takes a significant amount of dedication and time to make those tools work.

If your company is large enough to have a dedicated marketing person or department  chances are they are already engaged in social media to connect with customers, clients and vendors. In that case Human Resources should partner with Marketing to make sure a consistent message (brand image) is being shared and to integrate recruiting efforts with sales and marketing efforts – after all, recruitment is largely sellling and marketing your organization to potential employees. Why recreate the wheel when you can piggy-back on the tools already being used elsewhere in your organization. If there are currently no social media efforts being conducted in your company, HR will have to take the charge and start from the ground up. This includes defining the company’s stance on social media and creating a policy that sets out the paramters of social media use (if not already determined).

In either circumstance, HR will need to create a social media strategy that identifies the objectives being sought, the audience being targeted, the internal resources needed and the social media to be used, as well as a criteria for measuring success.

  • There must be an underlying reason “why” to utilize social media – and “just because everyone else is doing it” isn’t the right reason.
  • Social media involves creating two-way conversations. These conversations need to be responsive and genuine despite being “virtual” and not all audiences will respond appropriately to this medium.
  • A robust social media stratey does not rely solely on HR to create and maintain the online relationships, but utilizes all employees within the organization.
  • All social media platforms are not created equal – in other words, use the right tool for the right job – the shotgun approach does not work with social media.
  • Finally, measuring success and proving value will be important in determining if the right social media platform has been used and if the costs are worthwhile.

It is up to HR to define the needs as it pertains to recruiting and networking, but creating an engaged and active audience is something that takes time and many individuals and is almost always a work in progress.

Recruitment is more than just placing an ad in the newspaper. It’s take a targeted message using the right sources and lots of follow up. It can be expensive when not well thought-out, but when done correctly doesn’t have to break the budget. Strategic HR, inc. knows what it takes to attract, hire and retain the best employees. Whether you need a complete recruitment solution or just help with pieces of your process, such as working with social media, we can assist you. Visit our Recruitment page to learn how we can provide you with top notch recruitment assistance.