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Implementation and Benefits of Training


Training our employees has been off the radar at our company recently because there just wasn’t money in the budget. Things are finally looking up and we might be able to resume training, but where do I even start to pick up the pieces?


Training for employees is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only does it improve the employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities to make them a more effective and productive employee, training also shows the employee that the organization is committed to their development. With the economy improving, this can have the added benefit of retaining employees who might be considering leaving your organization.

A Needs Assessment is a great place to start to determine what training to pursue. This involves input from managers, employees, and the senior level to determine what training is needed based upon the organizational priorities. This can be done in a more formal process (ADDIE “Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation”) or through informal discussion. The important thing is to gain input and then prioritize the needs.

Other, more cost efficient, ways to implement training may start with cross training individuals in other functions within the organization. This shows the employee commitment on the part of the organization and can benefit the employee by providing a better understanding of how their function contributes to the organization as a whole. It can really be eye opening for an employee to realize why it is so important to do their job in a certain way if they can see how it affects other functions. While there may not be direct cost in this type of training, you do need to be aware of the “cost” of the time spent and sometimes the disruption caused for the individuals involved. Similar to cross training, mentoring can be a great internal tool for employee development. The rewards are two-fold, both the employee being mentored and the mentor feeling valued, and the mentor and mentee often learn from each other.

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