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Pokémon GO – Staying Productive at Work


Pokémon GO has erupted at my workplace. Our offices are in a prominent downtown location and (I guess) is very enticing to many fans of the game. I don’t want to stifle the fun but I also want to make sure the office stays productive and doesn’t become a gaming center. Any suggestions?


The Pokémon GO game has exploded across the country and the world.  This phenomenon seems to be here to stay and augmented reality applications are likely to expand and become much more prevalent.  Game players are predominantly female (63%) and 46% of users are between 18 and 29 with another 25% between ages 30 and 50 (according to Forbes Magazine).  The prevalence of this game into society is what can cause disruption in the work place.

For all of the benefits that the game brings, there can be less appealing attributes in the workplace.  It isn’t necessary to eliminate the fun all together, but it may be a good time to remind employees they can have fun and still “follow the rules”.  Remind your staff about your policies regarding game play at work.  In addition, remind them of company policies regarding the use of company phones for personal use and while driving.

Having easy to read and understand policies and procedures can help alleviate a lot of problems in the workplace. Not only do they set the stage for what is deemed inappropriate, they can also provide guidelines for what is considered acceptable, and even expected, behavior. Strategic HR, inc. receives numerous requests to review and rewrite employee handbooks on a regular basis, especially with the number of recent federal guideline changes. If you haven’t updated your handbook in the last few years, now may be a good time. For more information on how we can help you with Employee Relations and employee handbooks, please visit our Employee Relations page.