Ohio Weapons and Firearm Policy 2017 Updates – How Will These Impact Ohio Businesses?


Our company has a no weapons policy in place.  Is it true there is a new Ohio Weapons and Firearm Policy that will require my company to update this policy?


Yes, it is time to update your weapons and firearm policy in the state of Ohio.  

Ohio’s Senate Bill 199 is expanding in a way that will impact Ohio employers.  In the past, employers still had the ability to disallow weapons and firearms on company property.  Senate Bill 199 permits an individual with a valid license to possess a firearm in a private vehicle parked in a company parking lot.  

Under the new Ohio Weapons and Firearm Policy set to go into effect March 21, 2017, employers (and businesses) can prohibit firearms within the workplace and on their property; BUT they cannot prohibit an employee or visitor with a valid concealed handgun license from transporting or storing a firearm in their personal vehicle on the premises (an employer’s parking lot).  HOWEVER, an employee may not possess a firearm or ammunition in a company-owned or company-leased vehicle where the employer prohibits such possession.

Does your business need a Concealed Carry sign that is approved by the State of Ohio to display on its premises?  Although the law does not state specifically what the sign “must” say, the Ohio Attorney General has a model sign employers can use for posting.

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