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Tips To Help Your New Supervisors


How can we help our new supervisors effectively make the transition from peer to manager status?


The transition from peer to manager is not an easy one. Many of your new supervisors are for the first time now responsible for the bottom line results of the company and no longer in the day to day trenches. They are now a leader, setting the example for their peers, and empowered with authority over those they previously called “friends”. Based on a Forbes articlehere are eight tips to share with your new supervisors to help them with this transition:

  1. You are now the person who assigns the work, analyzes productivity and provides performance evaluations, so your relationships need to be moved to a different level.
  2. Ask HR for any Supervisor training that may be available to you to help with the transition.
  3. Sit down and talk with each person that directly reports to you and discuss their expectations and any thoughts they have regarding your new promotion. Get any issues out on the table at first to head off any concerns later.
  4. Always be professional!
  5. Stay away from office gossip and getting caught in non-work conversations.
  6. Don’t allow any prior friendships to influence the way you make decisions.
  7. Make sure everyone understands their role and knows their expectations.
  8. Communicate your expectations and goals to your team and how you will work together to achieve the company goals.

It will take time and the change won’t happen overnight. The key to helping your new supervisors through this transition is by encouraging them to establish roles, set expectations for everyone, and be patient for everyone to get to know their new role. Embrace it and congratulations on your promotion!


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