Which States Have a Minimum Wage Increase in 2018?

Does the minimum wage increase every year? I heard it was recently raised again in Ohio.

The national minimum wage is $7.25 – however, each State also has regulations regarding the minimum that can be paid to employees.

  • Locally Indiana and Kentucky both follow the prevailing minimum wage set forth by the Federal government.
  • However, Ohio wages are based on the U.S. Consumer Price Index and was just recently raised on January 1, 2018 – now the minimum wage in Ohio is $8.30 an hour. The wage is still $7.25 for employers who gross less than $305,000 per year  and for 14- and 15-year-old workers—the federal minimum wage standard. Tipped employees are paid $4.15 (tip amount plus this must equal $8.15) for tipped workers. (Click Here for a copy of the Ohio Minimum Wage Poster for 2018)
  • Multiple states have a minimum wage increase for 2018. A good resource to refer to is the Department of Labor State Minimum Wage Laws.  

Below is a summary of changes effective January 1, 2018: (Note: Some local laws may require different minimum wage rates).

  • Alaska: $9.84 per hour.
  • Arizona: $10.50 per hour.
  • California: $11.00 per hour with 26 employees or more; $10.50 per hour with fewer than 26 employees.
  • Colorado: $10.20 per hour.
  • Florida: $8.25 per hour.
  • Hawaii: $10.10 per hour.
  • Maine:  $10.00 per hour.
  • Michigan: $9.25 per hour.
  • Minnesota: $9.65 per hour for large employers (annual gross revenue of $500,000 or more); $7.87 per hour for small employers (annual gross revenue of less than $500,000).
  • Missouri: $7.85 per hour.
  • Montana: $8.30 per hour.
  • New Jersey: $8.60 per hour.
  • New York: (effective 12/31/17)
    • $11.00 per hour Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester counties;
    • $10.40 per hour remainder of New York ($11.75 for fast food employees in fast food places outside of New York City).
  • Ohio: $8.30 per hour (gross receipts of $305,000 or more); $7.25 per hour (gross receipts under $305,000).
  • Rhode Island: $10.10 per hour.
  • South Dakota: $8.85 per hour.
  • Vermont: $10.50 per hour.
  • Washington: $11.50 per hour.

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