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What Are the Benefits of Microlearning Programs for Businesses?


While looking for a new approach to our compliance training, I came across a reference to Microlearning programs.  What is Microlearning and how can it enhance our company training and development programs?


Benefits of Microlearning Programs

Microlearning programs are an e-learning trend that has blossomed over the past few years and appears to have some staying power.  They are short, very focused training tools that typically lasts less than 5 minutes.  These programs provide the learner a more focused and specific training, and are well received by all generational learners.  An e-learning 2016 article notes:

10 Benefits of Microlearning Programs

  1. Learner-centric
  2. Just-in-time
  3. Accessible
  4. Rich media
  5. Less time consuming
  6. Affordable and agile
  7. Shorter development cycle
  8. Easy to update
  9. Wider application
  10. High impact

The shorter length of training increases the retention of the information provided because of our reduced attention spans and working memory.  The programs are typically very engaging and targeted for use on computers, smartphones, and tablets.  Their accessibility and low time commitment have made them very popular with focused and specific learning topics.  Of course, these types of programs are not good for all types of training, but they can be used to engage your audience in a specific topic and encourage further learning, if necessary.  They can also be used to follow up on a training that had just been completed to reinforce topics that were covered.  Microlearning programs are easy to create, easy to change and update, and well received.


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