“Micro-Learning” – Bite-Sized Learning Techniques


My manager is interested in implementing Bite-Sized learning techniques for 2017.  Is this something new?  Is it effective?  Why would we want to do this?


Bite-sized learning and Micro-Learning are interchangeable ‘buzzwords’ in the world of training for the past two years.  Long gone are the days of 8 hour PowerPoint training sessions, these sessions have shown to be an effective way to train the adult learner in the workplace – adult learners with short attention spans.  HR Today states that according to Deloitte’s research on the modern learner, an average employee can only devote 1 percent of their work week to professional development.  In a 40-hour work week, that is only 24 minutes a week or 4.8 minutes a day. (What is Micro-learning exactly?)

Twenty-four minutes a week does not give us much time to insert learning on important HR topics such as compliance, leadership, documentation, coaching, etc.  However, breaking these training’s into smaller bite-sized pieces meets the training needs while keeping an employee’s focus and attention for the entire session.  If you decide to make this move, keep in mind the length of these micro-sessions vary based upon the training and the culture of the organization.  The sessions can be quite effective with appropriate break down of the topics and implementation.

More information on how to engage the modern distracted learner.

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