The Importance of Training


With the high number of baby boomers preparing to retire and millennials entering the workplace, the need for experienced leaders is going to be essential and training programs will be crucial to achieving this. By investing in good training programs that are appealing to employees, companies can get ahead of the game during the course of the generational gap in leadership. So, how can I entice employees to take training when everyone is so busy?


Attract your employees to training programs in four easy steps!

Although many employees are so busy, continued training is necessary.  It is an essential part of staying up to date with new technology, trends and reinforcing old policies and procedures.   Try these four steps to help you get your employees more excited to partake in training programs!

  1. Bring in Energetic Trainers

One of the most important ways to entice your employees to take training is to keep it interesting.  Bring in passionate, energetic and knowledgeable trainers.  By bringing in trainers who are not only knowledgeable about the subject, but able to engage the employees, training programs won’t be something that employees dread, but something that employees may even look forward to.  Having a trainer that is able to establish a connection to employees will establish respect and trust.

  1. Have “Conversations” instead of “Lectures”

In training sessions, information is the most important aspect, but it doesn’t have to be lectured to employees.  By having “conversations” instead of lectures, employees are able to give feedback and may feel more comfortable asking questions about something they don’t understand.

  1. “Teach” Each Other

Have employees partner up or form groups with one another to “teach” each other.  By talking about information with someone other than the trainer, employees may be able to retain it better.  This is also an effective employee bonding exercise and a good way for employees to get to know each other.

  1. Keep Training Updated

Keep the training updated.  If employees are continuously hearing the same information they have already heard a multiple times before, time and money is being wasted.  By keeping information updated, the training is more effective and of interest to employees.

Training and Development of your employees is a key factor in remaining competitive. Not only does it keep your up-to-speed technologically with your competitors, but it also gives you the edge when recruiting or retaining employees. Strategic HR, inc. has experience in developing training programs to keep you on the leading edge. Visit our Training and Development page to learn how we can assist you with your training and development.