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HR Working as a Strategic Partner


What are some effective ways for HR to become a strategic partner in an organization?


Traditionally, Human Resources have served two major roles.  The first is administration. This is primarily centered on processing, recordkeeping, maintaining employee files, etc.  The second is business partner, which mainly supports and helps to maintain the company’s business model.  In recent years, HR has been called to serve a third role; strategic partner.

According to their article “What Makes HR a Strategic Partner” by Edward E. Lawler III and John W. Boudreau, a company can transform Human Resources into a strategic partner in a few different ways; developing its talent through rotation, utilizing teams with specialized expertise, have leaders located in business units, and involve line management in HR decision making.

HR ultimately needs to organize itself to rise to the corporate level.  Its extensive knowledge and analysis of organizational design, business strategy and metrics and analytics are significant aspects of a successful company.  By implementing these strategies, HR can transform into a strategic partner and an essential part of an organization.

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