Is your HR plate full? Let us be your trusted helping hands.

We understand that supporting the human resources function in your organization is a multi-faceted job. It’s a balancing act to accomplish the daily tasks needed to ensure your organization runs smoothly while keeping your strategic initiatives moving forward to help strengthen and grow your organization. Wish you had an extra set of hands to lighten your load? Look no further!

Strategic HR is an outsourced HR management firm partnering with organizations, just like yours, who have a lean HR department. We can help you by delivering customized HR solutions and expert recruitment support to meet your unique needs.

We can save you time either by tackling your HR challenges or strategic projects so you can focus on your daily work; or we can handle your daily HR tasks to give you time back to work on strategic initiatives. Our goal is to provide the on-demand support you need to make your life easier and to help you shine.