Virtual HR Webinar: Shifting from Credentials to Skills

Date: September 16, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The last decade has seen widespread “degree inflation,” leaving 6.2 million qualified candidates behind and unable to find a role that fits their education.

A growing movement of employers, workers, and training groups have started proposing an alternative to a culture that exalts a bachelor’s degree as the gold standard for upward mobility. Rather than painting job descriptions and postings with a broad brush of degree requirements, there is a trend of hiring managers and HR leaders examining each job description to determine the skills really required for great job performance.

In this free webinar, we’ll dive into benefits such as:

  • Diversifying your organization’s talent pool
  • Reducing biases
  • Increasing inclusion in your workforce
  • Heightening focus on attributes that positively correlate with strong job performance

Learn more about this approach and how to implement it into your organization by joining us on Thursday, September 16th at 2 pm!

About Virtual HR Webinars

This is part of our Virtual HR Webinar Series providing monthly HR-focused FREE webinars. Join Melissa Dern, HR Service Solutions Manager, and our team of HR experts as they present on informational, relevant, and pressing HR issues that you need to know! These webinars conclude with a brief demo of our Virtual HR Solutions. Check out all of our Virtual HR Webinars!

About the Speakers

Melissa Dern, Manager HR Service Solutions: Melissa is the Manager, HR Service Solutions with strategic HR inc. overseeing our Virtual HR Solutions and Contract HR / Interim HR Services. She loves the process of understanding people’s drive and desire for bettering themselves. Melissa is passionate about helping others to find HR solutions enabling them to build strong teams and their HR knowledge.

Melissa is a dynamic HR Generalist with over 20 years of experience. She brings a wealth of expertise with a diverse background in recruiting, staffing operations, management, training and sales. Melissa’s strengths are building strong customer relationships, recruiting, talent management, and employee relations. She always makes a difference in every aspect of her business and personal life with her positivity, superb communication, and strong leadership skills.

Jackie Messersmith, President Talent Management LLC: As President of Talent Management LLC, what really drives Jackie is her promise to deliver an affordable, integrated talent management solution to our customers.

She believes that great businesses are created by employees that get up every morning with the intent of making a positive difference at work. Using an integrated talent management approach enables businesses to move beyond accountability to accomplishment, improve employee engagement and positively impact their bottom line.

Jackie has a desire to help employees connect their potential, with where they are now, what they have achieved, and where they would like to go. She achieves this by assessing their skills at any point in time with the PXT Select and guiding them to a pathway for improvement.

Using the Talent Snapshot® Learning Center helps employees take the next step from an assessment to boosting their skills and improving performance.