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Employment Posters for Remote Employees


I understand I have to post employment posters at the workplace but what do I do for my remote employees or those working from home?


According to the Department of Labor’s website, they are currently reviewing whether electronic notification could be used to satisfy notice posting requirements.  As of today, only physical postings are appropriate.  So what does that mean to employees that are the single employees at a remote location or work from home?  To limit liability, the correct thing to do is to send paper copies to the employees.  Some employers, however, have taken the stance of showing ‘good faith effort’ by providing the documents electronically to the employees via email or company Intranet.  Keep in mind, many regulations require applicants to view posters (FMLA, EEO, E-Verify); so, thinking about making posters electronic across the board is not advisable.  In addition, some posters are required to be specific fonts and/or specific paper sizes so altering their appearance is also not advisable.  Finally, notices must also be available in an accessible format, as needed, to persons with disabilities that limit the ability to see or read.  Keep these requirements in mind when making your decision about where and how to post your required notices.

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