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Are Electronic Pay Stubs Against the Law?


Our employees are upset because we just went to all electronic pay stubs.  One employee came and threatened me that it was against the law.  Is this true? How should I handle this outrage for something that seems so simple?


I know it may seem simple but any changes to employees pay (even when it is just how they are receiving the information) can be very delicate.  Communication on why you are implementing the change and providing notice to employees that the change is occurring may help to lessen the blow. Regarding legality, all states are different.  You need to check with your state to see what your state requires.  States fall into the following categories regarding the reporting of pay: 

  • no requirement (no statement is required),
  • access (statement must be provided),
  • access and print (statement must be provided and printed),
  • opt-out (statements can be electronic but employees must be able to opt out and get paper stubs), a
  • and opt-in (employees must give permission for electronic pay stubs). 

Check with your state to see what the requirement is.

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