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E-Learning Benefits


What are the benefits of e-learning?


In our time-crunched work world with everyone still trying to do more with less, eLearning offers a flexible learning solution.  Learners can control what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.  This convenience not only benefits the user, there are multiple benefits to the workplace as well.  For example, at MYCA Multimedia and Training Solutions,  we provide “Reality Bytes” tailored to individual workplace situations to reinforce knowledge “@ the point of work.TM  Imagine the value of an employee having access to regular timely reinforcement of knowledge rather than simply attending a conference or training session once a year. Or think how helpful it would be for a manager to refresh his or her knowledge of interviewing “do’s and don’t” just before the conversation begins.  Think of the cost savings in the provision of eLearning courses as opposed to conducting multiple seminars, to say nothing of ensuring 100% attendance. In addition, your material will remain consistent, rather than filtered through the personalities and knowledge level of individual instructors.

Gone are the days when learning was confined to a single book, classroom setting or annual conference.  Now learning is available at a touch of a keypad, anytime of the day.

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