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Creative Recruitment Solution


Do you have any tips on a new creative way to attract candidates to our company during the recruiting process?


Try a recruitment video. Jennifer King, in her article, Employment Branding and Recruiting Videos: 3 Companies That Do It Right, shares the following information.

CareerBuilder customers receive a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings. But what do those videos convey about the company’s employment brand?

I’ve seen plenty of recruiting videos, and there’s one thing that makes one stand out from the rest: a strong employment brand.

A recruiting video is a great tool to establish and strengthen your employment brand, or the way prospective applicants, candidates and employees perceive you as an employer, as Gallup defines the phrase.

Companies that effectively use video to promote their employment brand do so by showcasing their employees and work environment in the most realistic way possible. If jobseekers can visualize what it would be like working at your company, you’re likely to attracta pool of enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’d be getting into.

To convey an authentic employee experience, companies should focus on showing their true colors in their recruiting videos. Here are three videos that do it well.

Zendesk provides a complete view of the company to give the audience a realistic yet entertaining look at the organization. The video highlights some of the small details, like the elevator, the door greeter or the company mural, to add some rich color to the personality and culture of Zendesk.

The Rackspace video also gives potential candidates an authentic view of the company by letting employees tell their story in a less scripted way.

HubSpot’s recruiting video also showcases its employees and work environment to shape the employment brand. This video also shines more light on the people who work at HubSpot as they’re filmed talking about the tools they use and the projects they’re working on.

What do you think of these examples? Hopefully they will help you think about your own employment brand and how you can use video to convey the employee experience.

Our thanks to Jennifer King for her insightful answer to this hard question.  Jennifer is an HR Analyst for Software Advice, a company that compares and reviews HR software. Read the full article on her HR blog.

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