A woman in a gray wig with a pair of glasses on her face and another on her headWhat generational category do you fall into? What about your boss…your co-workers…your direct reports? Do you recognize any differences in work style, work habits or needs that are a result of the different generations that you represent? What are the strengths and challenges that result from those differences?

Discover the answers in Bridging the Generation Gap: How to Get Radio Babies, Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers to Work Together and Achieve More by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR and Linda Gravett, PhD, SPHR.

In this book, HR experts and members of different generations share real-life examples as they recommend solutions to minimize conflict, miscommunication and wasted energy between the generations. They also explore what members of each different generation think of their group, how they want others to view them and what they think about other age groups.

Bridging The Generation Gap is filled with strategies and solutions that are easy to implement and that immediately build bridges between generations not only within the workplace but also in day to day life.

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Bridging The Generation Gap book

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“This is an entertaining and insightful look at the ever-increasing multigenerational business dilemma in the 21st century. Eye-opening ideas with immediate application to work and home!”

Cindy Vogt, MBA, SPHR
Director of HR
The Discovery Channel

About the Book

Employee conflict…
Work ethic debates…
Loyalty issues…
Varying wants and needs…

Are you a manager, human resources professional, or co-worker? If so, you are faced with all these types of issues every day. But why?

Currently, we have five generations in the workplace including Radio Babies (1930-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1976), Generation Y (1977-1991), and even some Millennials (1991 forward). While there is a great deal of difference between these generations there are also many similarities. The individuals and organizations that learn to leverage the similarities and differences of the generations will be the ones to succeed.

Whether at work or running through the local convenience store, we encounter individuals from different generations with varying perspectives influenced by their upbringing and daily lives. The key to making these encounters successful is learning to understand the point of view of each generation and respecting their differences.

The co-authors have taken a dynamic approach by writing in two distinct voices, a Baby Boomer and a Gen Xer, using a point-counterpoint approach to raise differences and similarities across generations. This approach also provides concrete recommendations to bridge communication gaps, offered from both authors’ generational perspectives.

The co-authors share hands on experiences, real life cases, recommended solutions, and research on how members of any generation can relate to people in other age groups to minimize conflict, miscommunication, and wasted energy. You will learn what each generation thinks of the others and how they wish the others viewed them. The co-authors will endeavor to debunk commonly held stereotypes about the generations both younger and older. This book is filled with many strategies and solutions that you can immediately begin implementing to help build your bridge between the generations.

Baby Boomer – Dr. Linda Gravett, SPHR,CEQC (Cincinnati, OH) with Gravett and Associates, and Just the Basics, Inc., is a national speaker and human resources consultant specializing in generational differences workplace ethics and Emotional Intelligence. Linda has a strategic, big-picture approach towards understanding age differences. To balance her perspective is Gen Xer – Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR (Loveland, OH) with Strategic Human Resources, Inc., specializing in competitive retention and recruitment strategies in the workplace. Robin has a practical, “tell it like it is” approach towards tearing down stereotypes and building collaboration to improve organizational effectiveness.

Reader Comments

Here is what past readers of our book say…

“When you finish reading this book it will not go on the bookshelf. Instead, you will keep it at your side and use it as a reference manual. It is loaded with many “how to” tips that are practical and timely. The authors effectively debunk the myths attributed to the various generations and chart a path to success.” – Dan Amann, Senior HR Consultant with Promark Financial

“Bridging the Generations Gap was enjoyable to read from two ‘voices’ or perspectives. More importantly, I learned perspectives and insights that will help me professionally and personally! There were several suggested approaches to building a bridge that I look forward to using.” – Lisa Kaminski with SARK, Inc.

“For the Generation Y information, it has been really helpful to look at these individuals in the workplace and out in the world with a less judgmental eye. I know that I sound like an old timer saying this, but I thought that they were just young. Now, however, I understand that how they were influenced by their world was different than how I was influenced by my world.” – Michelle Blades with Deskey