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How Are You Supporting a Transgender Employee?


We have a transgender employee in our workplace and I am trying to do everything I can do to make sure they are treated the same as everyone else.  I don’t want to single them out, but I do want to make sure I provide a comfortable environment.  The area I am most concerned about is the restrooms. What should I do to make this individual and others comfortable as it relates to the restroom?


The goal is to provide facilities appropriate for everyone and to not make anyone feel uncomfortable.  There are many options that companies have begun to use including gender neutral bathrooms and uni-stalls that are not be based on gender.  If this is not attainable in your workplace, it is recommended that the transgender employee be allowed to access the facility that corresponds to the gender with which they identify.  OSHA, OFCCP, and EEOC have all weighed in heavily on this issue and declare that it is appropriate to provide clean, sanitary bathrooms to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.  Some states have state specific guidelines as well so I encourage you to review your state regulations regarding this matter.  A link to the OSHA guidance regarding Restroom Access for Transgender Workers is below.

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