Performance Management is not a “nice to have” process to give employees feedback – it is an absolute cornerstone to good HR practices and employee relations.  But perhaps even more important is that performance appraisals when handled poorly can open your company up to legal issues from a disgruntled employee.

A good performance appraisal process should include setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and formal feedback about the employee’s performance relative to those stated goals.  Many performance management processes also include opportunity for feedback from the employee to help establish a richer dialog and a way to better understand their particular interests and long term career goals.

Is your performance management system robust enough to help align employee to the overall business goals, provide constructive feedback for improvement and create a rich development plan for their growth?  We can help you create your own process and forms and then help train all of your managers on how to successfully conduct a performance appraisal.  Don’t let a bad or inadequate system come back and haunt you later – let us help you now!

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