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Brianne has a passion for organization and employee development, employee retention and engagement and is well-versed in union and non-union employee relations. Her energy and enthusiasm creates an inclusive, partnering relationship with business leaders and employees alike.

Brianne is Director of Organizational Effectiveness with strategic HR inc. She is a Human Resources professional with more than 12 years of relevant experience in both large corporate and small business environments. Prior to joining strategic HR, she held diverse and increasingly responsible HR positions and supported various business segments including manufacturing, product management, customer service and sales both nationwide and internationally.

In addition to her practical experience in HR, Brianne was an instructor of HR Management and Organizational Behavior at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business from 2010-2012. She was recognized as the “Professor of the Month” by the Miami University chapter of Women in Business in March of 2012 and received a faculty commendation for outstanding teaching in 2012.

Brianne holds a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina and a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Outside of work Brianne enjoys quarterbacking her team at home, including her husband and three very active children. If she’s not at work doing the OD and HR projects she loves, you can find her at the soccer field, cheerleading field or watching the gymnastics team!

If you have questions for Brianne or would like to contact her directly, email her at Brianne@strategicHRinc.com.