As a full service business consulting firm, strategic HR, inc. offers a variety of solutions to help companies manage their human resources functions. We organize our solutions according to our HR wheel and provide a variety of services to help you and your staff recruit, develop and retain your employees. All of our solutions can be tailored to fit your individual needs and are meant to work in tandem with your current operations. Whether you need short term support or project-based assistance, on-site or virtually, strategic HR, inc. can meet your needs.

Our most popular solutions include:

HR Audit – Take the ‘temperature’ of your current HR functions. Our audit tells you what is working well and what could use improvement.

Outsourced HR – Do you wish you had someone to handle HR needs, but don’t have the budget for a full time person? Why not outsource your HR?

Virtual HR Coach – Who do you turn to when you have a quick HR related question?

Virtual HR Library – Do you like to handle HR issues yourself?

Interim HR Support – Extra busy with benefits enrollment? HR personnel out on leave? Let our staff help you with your HR projects or interim support.

Career Coach – Whether you are making a career change yourself or working with a department undergoing a transformation our career coaches can help with the transition.

Professional Speaker – Need a speaker? We’ve got your covered.

Affirmative Action – Affirmative Action Planning doesn’t need to be painful. We can do the work for you to help you stay in compliance.