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Outsourced HR Solution

What is Outsourced HR? Our Outsourced solution allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best – human resources. We can give you back the time you need to focus on revenue generating tasks while we handle the day-to-day human resources function. Many companies today find outsourcing to be […]


Outsourced Human Resources Support

strategic HR, inc. can give you all the benefits of having a Human Resources professional dedicated to helping your company in all of its HR needs without having to create a new position within your company. Many companies today find outsourcing to be a beneficial and cost saving alternative. Having an expert help you with […]


Recruiting Etiquette

Question: This is supposed to be a tough job market with too many job seekers and not enough jobs. I would think job seekers would be extra careful about their business etiquette. But I’ve called and emailed would-be candidates to the point of “stalking” with no response – how many times should I try before […]


HR Solutions

As a full service business consulting firm, strategic HR, inc. offers a variety of solutions to help companies manage their human resources functions. We organize our solutions according to our HR wheel and provide a variety of services to help you and your staff recruit, develop and retain your employees. All of our solutions can […]


Volunteer Time

Question: Can my employee volunteer time to my non-profit organization or an event sponsored by the employer? Answer: For an exempt employee, ABSOLUTELY! There are no concerns regarding payment for an exempt employee under the FLSA, and they can actually be required to assist as part of their job, if it is part of their […]


Human Resources Assistance Needed

Question: I need help with human resources – what are my options? Answer: The role of human resources covers a variety of areas such as: Recruitment Training and Development Benefits and Compensation Communications Employee Relations Recordkeeping Health Safety and Security Legal Compliance The type of human resources help you may need depends greatly on which […]


Checking Applicants Against Terror List

Question: Are employers required to check applicants against a terrorist list prior to hiring them? Answer: Not necessarily, and it depends on the industry in which you work. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) publishes a list of names called the “Specially Designated Nationals List” (SDN) that contains lists of names of people and/or […]


Is This a Solution to Help You Become More Strategic?

by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR “Business changes come as waves gathering shape, gaining energy and momentum, then crash across the companies that find themselves in their path. Those companies that anticipate and respond quickly to these waves of change can often rise with the tide; those that don’t are often crushed on impact.”  – Michael […]


Client Job Opportunities

Are You Looking For A Job? As a resource to our clients, we post their job opportunities on our site. You can search the listings using the search function below. (Want your jobs posted here, check out our Outsourced Recruitment Solution.) Click Here to View Job Openings If you don’t see an opening that is […]


Job Shop

Strategic HR, inc.’s JobShop is a FREE job board that contains a listing of local and national human resources job opportunities as well as individual profiles of people currently seeking human resources positions. If you’d like to post a job or apply for a job, you’ll need to be a registered user (not registered? Register […]


Unpaid Internships

Our small company is finding ourselves overwhelmed as business picks up. We need extra help, but are not in the position to add to our payroll. Is an unpaid intern a viable option?