Recognizing Employees and Building Employee Relationships


The past couple of years have been very tough on our employees. We’re even starting to see resentment internally that some employees were retained, while others were let go. As a company, we feel like we are starting to turn the corner, how do we repair relationships within our organization?


This is a difficult time in our country for employers. Out of necessity, we have had to ask a lot of our employees in order to survive. Now that things are starting to improve, it is critical that we show our employees we appreciate them. Recognition is key even on a limited budget. Something as simple as a $25 gift card shows your employees that you notice and appreciate them. When possible, look at restoring pay and benefits that may have been cut.

As to employee relationships, consider a company-wide team-building event. A Community Service Day gets employees together outside the normal work environment to have fun and give back to the community. It can help everyone realize how lucky we really are. Local charitable organizations can assist in identifying a need your employees can relate to such as cleaning up a local park, bowling with at risk kids, or doing light maintenance at a senior center. You never know, you might learn your co-worker has skills you never knew she had.

One of the stickiest aspects to human resources management is Employee Relations. Are you having difficulties in your company that stem from employee-employer related issues? Strategic HR, inc. has years of experience in employment relations. Visit our Employee Relations page to learn how we can help you resolve some of your toughest ER problems.

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