EEO-1 Report


My boss asked me if I completed our EEO-1 Report – it was due September 30. Is this something I have to do? What is it?


The EEO-1 Report is a government required form in which employers must provide a count of their employees by job category, ethnicity / race, and gender. It is used to support civil rights enforcement. Only employers with 100 or more employees, OR federal government contractors and first tier sub-contractors with 50 or more employees AND contacts that are $50,000 or more must submit this information. For those required to submit the form you are able to select data of active employees from any payroll in the third quarter (July through September) of the year you are reporting. The EEOC prefers that all information submitted be received from employers that request their employees to self-identify their race / ethnicity. The categories were revised in 2007 (and if you haven’t done so yet), it may be necessary to have your employees self-identify so you can ensure you are properly reporting the new race / ethnicity of your employees. If an employee refused to self-identify, employers may use other employment records and/or observation to record the information. The deadline to submit the report is September 30 (although an extension can be requested).
More information is available on the EEOC website.

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